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$3000 TodayDeals Scholarship Programs: The Viral Of Shopping Through Social Media


$3000 TodayDeals Scholarship Programs: The Viral Of Shopping Through Social Media

Master, Bachelor, Phd, Course

Up to $1500

31 December 2022 has formed a special scholarship program for students to give students awards that can support them pursue their educational goals. Through the scholarship program, the organisation would like to give students useful information & knowledge about viral e-commerce or social media shopping. They encourage any students who have a personal interest or knowledge in this field to participate in the scholarship program to earn numerous potential benefits.


Candidates must be students who are currently participating in high school, college, university, etc. No U.S citizens are required. You will need the student’s email or I.D. to prove your student identity, or evidence to prove that you are currently a student.


The total reward for this scholarship program is $3000. We will give the prize to the 3 winners with the orders as below:

  • 1st prize: $1500
  • 2nd prize: $1000
  • 3rd prize: $500

The overall prize may be altered depending on the decision of the executive board of We will inform you as soon as possible if any change occurs with the rewards of our scholarship program.


  • Fulfill the registration form with your personal credentials.
  • The participating format of the scholarship program is an essay. You are required to write an essay in about 800 – 1500 words on the topic of “What’s your opinion about the virality of shopping through social media?”.
  • The content of the essay should focus mainly on the information about viral e-commerce, and your own experience when encountering social media shopping. Feel free to share any piece of information or opinion regarding our assigned topic.
  • Remember to submit your application once you have finished the essay. Check again to make sure you do not forget something, or you may accidentally send the draft instead of the main essay.

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