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4 Most Cheapest Boarding School In Canada


4 Most Cheapest Boarding School In Canada

Are you looking for the Cheapest Boarding School In Canada that fits your financial budget We got you covered, do well to read through.

In Today’s Article, we will explore several Canadian Boarding Schools that are affordable, pursuing an Academic career in these institutions is indeed cheap.

Due to the current increase in the cost of education, finding an affordable school in Canada could be quite tasking and challenging.

More reason why we have written this blog post on the Cheapest Boarding Schools in Canada, to help satisfy your interest

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Canada has several world-class boarding schools that offer high-quality education at an Affordable price tags.

With Our options of boarding schools, you will get to know the best boarding schools you could enroll your child without breaking the bank.

The highlighted boarding schools in this blog post are great go-to options for international students who wish to pursue an Academic career on a scholarship or Financial Aid.

Our list of Cheapest Boarding School In Canada will also help assist you in pursuing an Academic career at a subsidized rate, thereby ensuring every student has access to education irrespective of their Financial background.

Benefits of Cheapest Boarding School In Canada

The list of points below shows you the benefits of enrolling your wards into any top boarding school in Canada, Do well to read carefully.

1. Character building

Most Canadian boarding schools focus on character-building and moral values, these boarding schools instill qualities such as discipline, responsibility, and integrity in their students, shaping them into well-rounded individuals.

2. Quality Education

Our list of the Cheapest Boarding schools in Canada offers quality Education at an affordable fee, Students will surely access great educational value through these schools.

Honestly, most Canadian boarding schools offer high-quality education no matter how affordable they are, these schools are well known for their commitment towards academic excellence.

3. Diverse Community

Canadian cheapest boarding schools offer students the opportunity to relate with other students from different backgrounds,cultures etc

Connecting with other students from different backgrounds will indeed encourage tolerance, understanding, and global awareness among students.

4. Personalized Attention

Boarding schools in Canada give room for personalized instruction, from experience boarding students are more closer to their tutors when compared to day students.

Boarding students are suitable to receive personalized instruction from their tutors, they are properly guided and mentored Academically by their tutors.

Cheapest Boarding School In Canada

Welcome Back, the Below list is a comprehensive list showing the Cheapest Boarding School In Canada, These Canadian boarding schools are great options for international students interested in pursuing an Academic Career at a subsidized or cheap rate.

  • ABC Boarding School Canada
  • Sunshine Boarding School Canada
  • Maple Leaf Institute Canada
  • Humber College Canada


1. ABC Boarding School Canada

ABC Boarding School Canada comes first on our list of the Cheapest Boarding School In Canada, This Canadian Boarding School was established in 1995.

Honestly, the tuition fees at ABC boarding school are quite cheap, the required tuition fee for every child at this institution is determined based on the Grade level and courses or subjects offered.

ABC Boarding School Canada is among the most affordable privately owned boarding schools in Canada, The institution is located at Ontario Canada.

This Canadian Boarding school offers a wide range of Scholarships and financial aid opportunities to international students who possess the necessary qualifications.

However, students of ABC Boarding School Canada are Opportune to pay their tuition fees in installments, meaning international students can spread their tuition fee payment over their course of study.

Furthermore, ABC boarding school also offers student support services which would be in the form of visa application assistance for international students.

For more information on this Canadian Boarding school do well to visit the School’s webpage highlighted below.

School’s Webpage

2. Sunshine Boarding School Canada

Sunshine Boarding School Canada is also another great boarding school offering high Educational value at an Affordable fee.

Sunshine Boarding School Canada is co-owned by the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association, this Canadian boarding school was Established in 1997.

However tuition fees at Sunshine Boarding School vary based on the student’s academic level and nationality, but the tuition fee is quite cheap when compared to other top boarding Schools In Canada.

Sunshine Boarding School Canada also offers several scholarships and financial aid opportunities, international students could qualify for these Scholarships based on their Academic prowess, previous Athletic participation, artistic talents, etc.

School’s Webpage

3. Maple Leaf Institute Canada

Maple Leaf Institute Canada is also among the Cheapest Boarding schools in Canada, this Educational institution was established in 2016.

This Canadian Boarding School is financed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizen Canada, an organization responsible for welcoming Immigrants into Canada, they also help foreigners to live comfortably in Canada.

Honestly, Maple Leaf Institute Canada was Specifically created to help assist foreigners who are financially disadvantaged to pursue an Academic career in Canada.

Surprisingly this Canadian Boarding has Several Free Academic programs specifically for students who are not Canadian Citizens, students who are permanent residents or have Refugee status.

However, International Students who enroll at Maple Leaf Institute will be opportune to access free Healthcare services once they become a bonafide member of the institution.

Maple Leaf Institute Canada also offers Several scholarships or financial aid opportunities which are specifically for international students who are outstanding in their Academics.

School’s Website

4. Humber College Canada

Humber College Canada comes last on our list of the Cheapest Boarding schools in Canada, this Institution was established in 1967.

Humber College Canada is an exceptional educational institution that has earned a reputation for excellence in various fields of study.

This Canadian Institution is Located in the heart of Canada, Humber College offers a wide range of Affordable programs and Scholarship opportunities for international students who are interested in studying their preferred program at a subsidized rate.

Honestly, this Canadian Boarding School is indeed a good go-to option for international students interested in gaining more in-depth practical training with respect to their preferred field of study.

Humber College Currently has close to $7.6 million in scholarship awards for international students who wish to pursue an Academic career at the Institution.

For more information about this Canadian Boarding school Do well to visit the highlighted webpage below for clarity.

School’s Website

Are Boarding Schools In Canada Only For Affluent Families?

No, there are several affordable Boarding Schools In Canada offering scholarships and financial aid to students, with the sole aim of making boarding schools accessible to a wider range of students irrespective of their financial background.

Can International Students Apply For Scholarships At Canadian Boarding Schools?

Yes, many Canadian boarding schools offer Several scholarships and Financial Aid opportunities to both domestic and international students.

The supposed Scholarship opportunities offered to international students could either be a merit-based scholarship or a need-based scholarship.

Are There Any Additional Costs Apart From Tuition Fees?

Additional costs may include uniform expenses, textbooks, and extracurricular activity fees. However, these can vary from school to school.

Although some Canadian Boarding schools do include all the necessary Academic Expenses as tuition fees, such institutions don’t require students to pay any Additional cost Apart from Tuition fees.

How Can I Find More Information About Scholarships?

You can visit the official websites of the boarding schools you’re interested in and inquire about their scholarship programs.

You could also verify Online by making use of several online search Engines, to get to know various charity organizations offering Scholarships to International students.

Is Boarding School Suitable For All Age Groups?

Boarding schools in Canada cater to various age groups, from elementary to high school students, so you can find an appropriate option for your child’s age.

However, there are several higher institutions or universities with world-class-boarding facilities for the sole purpose of Accommodating Undergraduate and graduate degree students.

How Much Is The Cheapest Boarding School?

From Experience, Most of the Cheapest boarding schools in the world do have a minimum tuition fee of around $8,000 and above, though some boarding schools in Canada might be cheaper.

what is the cheapest boarding school in Canada?

  • ABC Boarding School Canada
  • Sunshine Boarding School Canada
  • Maple Leaf Institute Canada
  • Humber College Canada
  • Columbia International College
  • Bishop College School
  • CAIS Boarding School Canada



This blog post on the Cheapest Boarding School In Canada was written to expose you to the most affordable Boarding Schools offering high-quality Educational value.

To Know More About Your preferred Canadian Boarding School, we strongly advise you to visit the Official webpage of your choice instituion.

We believe you got so much value reading this blog post, to Get Updates on new posts on this platform, do well by clicking the subscribe button.

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