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Everything you need to know about Fully Funded Scholarships Abroad


Everything you need to know about Fully Funded Scholarships Abroad


So you want to study at a top school abroad but don’t want to break the bank? There may be a scholarship waiting for you. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you exactly how to find fully funded scholarships and grants that can help you pursue your education overseas without paying a dime. From renowned universities in the US and Canada to international programs around the world, we’ll reveal the best places offering financial support.

 Search Strategies for Finding Scholarships

The first step is choosing effective websites and databases to search. Two of the best are Webometrics( and US News (

Webometrics ( allows you to browse thousands of schools globally or filter by region like North America. Each school links directly to its website for easy funding research.

US News ( provides annual rankings of various graduate programs at American universities. You can search directly for your field of study to see rankings and funding opportunities at top schools.

Scholarship portals like FastWeb ( and aggregate funding sources from a wide range of sponsors. Be sure to customise your profile and search regularly for new matches.


 University Websites for Internal Awards


Most scholarships are offered directly through the academic departments and universities you apply to. Thoroughly inspect each school’s website for internal funding:

– Check the ‘Admissions’ section for overview of aid and links to individual departments.

– Go to your field of study’s department page and look under ‘Financing Graduate School’ or similar.

– Common forms of funding include graduate assistantships, fellowships, traineeships and stipends.

– Make note of application deadlines which usually precede the overall program deadlines.

Top picks with abundant internal support include Ohio State University, University of Toronto and University of California system schools. Leave no stone unturned in your online research of potential universities.


 Types of Scholarships Available


There are various types of scholarships you may qualify for based on your background, talents and interests:

– Merit-Based Awards judge candidates on academics, references and personal statements.

– Need-Based Aid factors financial need alongside merit. FAFSA is required for US schools.

– Diversity Scholarships support underrepresented groups like minorities, females, veterans.

– Field-Specific Funds exist for your area of study like STEM, arts, humanities, business.

– Athletic Scholarships may cover tuition if you have the talent and meet eligibility standards.

– Scholarship Databases like Foundant match you to private awards from donors.

Understanding your options helps you target the funding sources with the best fit for your profile.


Applying for Scholarships Abroad


Here are some tips for crafting strong scholarship applications:

– Have your statements of purpose, resume, academic transcripts and references ready early.

– Highlight any research projects, publications, internships, volunteering or community service.

– Emphasize your career goals, motivation for further study and fit with the university’s mission.

– For diversity awards, discuss how you represent your community and any challenges overcome.

– Proofread thoroughly, ask others to review and format per the instructions provided.

– Meet all deadlines without fail as late submissions are automatically rejected.

– Follow up courteously if you don’t hear back by contacting the department.

Preparing applications with care and customising them for each opportunity boosts your chances of winning support.


 Extend Your Scholarship Search Worldwide

Don’t limit your search to the US and Canada. Explore international programs with funding as well:

– Top UK universities like Oxford and Cambridge offer full scholarships.

– Prestigious German universities have no tuition and provide living stipends.

– Nordic countries provide free tuition even for non-EU students and English programs abound.

– Developing nations welcome international students through scholarships supporting fields like public health or tech for development.

– Foundations like Rhodes and Gates support study at elite institutions worldwide.

With strategy and persistence, you can earn a full-ride to study your dream program abroad. Now get out there and start searching – your scholarship may just be waiting.

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