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Study for free launch your dream career with fully paid scholarship


Study for free launch your dream career with fully paid scholarship




If you’ve ever dreamed of studying overseas but couldn’t see how to make the finances work, you’ll want to keep reading. There are opportunities out there to not only get your degree fully paid for, but also receive a living stipend to cover basic expenses. One such opportunity is at the Guangzhou Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea. GIST, as it’s commonly known, offers an incredible package of benefits to international students, removing many financial barriers that might otherwise prevent talented students from pursuing their dreams. In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know to apply for these life-changing scholarships at GIST and study abroad for free.

 Scholarship Details

GIST offers generous funding to all international students in the forms of tuition fee waivers, living stipends, and other subsidies. Undergraduate students receive up to 8 semesters of free tuition as well as monthly stipends for living expenses, meals, and other costs. Graduate students have their tuition waived and also receive monthly living stipends proportional to their degree level. Additional grants are available for research assistant positions. Most impressively, 60% of national healthcare costs in South Korea are covered for international students through a partnership with GIST. With this level of funding, the financial burden of studying overseas is essentially erased.

Degree Programs on Offer

GIST has a range of world-class academic programs across many disciplines. Undergraduate degrees are available in fields like liberal arts, engineering, sciences, and health programs. Graduate students can pursue masters and PhDs in specialized fields within electrical engineering, materials science, computer science, mechanical engineering, biomedical technologies, and more. The university also has strengths in emerging areas like artificial intelligence. With options in dozens of subjects at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, future international students are sure to find relevant programs of study.

Application Deadlines and Process

There are two intakes each academic year – one starting in March and one in September. Application deadlines are approximately 5 months before each start date. The process begins by creating an online profile and uploading required documents like transcripts, recommendations, language test scores, and identification. Admissions decisions are released 1-2 months after the deadline. Successful applicants then enroll, receive financial support paperwork, and apply for their student visa with guaranteed admission and funding in hand.

Support for Applicants

GIST understands international applications can seem daunting from abroad. They provide guidance materials online and responsive international student advisors to answer any questions. From certification of documents to guidance on language tests, visa processes and more – GIST actively supports prospective students throughout the application journey.

 Eligibility and Required Documents

To be eligible, applicants must have the standard admission materials like transcripts, diplomas, letters of recommendation, language scores, and identification documentation. Previous university studies completed fully in English can substitute for English tests, or conditional acceptance is possible with a promise to take an approved exam within 6 months. Guidance is available for fee waiver requests too to reduce barriers. Overall the goal is to welcome ambitious students regardless of financial background.

Funding Opportunities After Arrival

Funding benefits continue after arriving on campus. In addition to the living stipends, tuition coverage and subsidies, international students can apply for research assistant positions which provide additional funding on top of the generous base support package. Students also receive medical checkups, partial insurance coverage, and reimbursement for flights home after graduation. This helps students focus fully on their studies without the stresses of finances that can prolong completion times and impact well-being for self-funded pupils.

Life in South Korea

Located in Gwangju, a pleasant midsized city two hours south of the capital Seoul, GIST offers an excellent student experience. South Korea itself ranks highly for quality of life, safety, and economic opportunity. With a thriving local community, world-class infrastructure and endless cultural adventures nearby, international students get the full Asian experience alongside their award-winning education. Low costs of living compared to other developed countries sweeten the deal further. Life on campus and beyond provides endless opportunities for growth outside the classroom too in this unique global environment.

Seminal Takeaways

In summary, scholarships at GIST represent an unparalleled opportunity for ambitious and talented international students around the world. By removing financial barriers that might otherwise make studying abroad prohibitive, doors open to lives, careers and experiences ones could only dream of before. Those interested in fields from liberal arts to engineering now have a realistic path laid out. With their supportive, holistic approach focusing on students’ well-being and success at every step, GIST truly empowers youth to pursue their dreams globally. Applications are now open – what future are you waiting for?

Conclusion: If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, dream big about your future career and making an impact, but have been held back by financial limitations – this article hopes to inspire you to apply to GIST. Seize this chance to gain a world-class education fully funded while broadening your horizons in an exciting new culture and global community of peers. Your potential is waiting to be unlocked, so submit your application soon and start planning your upcoming journey of a lifetime. The first step begins now.


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