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Find Job Satisfaction and Thriving Healthcare in Malta – How Nurses Can Migrate and Kickstart Their Career in Malta


Find Job Satisfaction and Thriving Healthcare in Malta – How Nurses Can Migrate and Kickstart Their Career in Malta



Are you a registered nurse seeking a change of scenery and lifestyle while continuing your rewarding career? Looking for a destination with top job satisfaction, respectable pay, low taxes, affordable living, and a thriving healthcare industry? Consider migrating your nursing career to the sunny Mediterranean island nation of Malta.

Malta offers nurses the perfect combination of benefits. As the number one country in the world for overall job satisfaction according to a recent global report, Malta provides nurses an appealing mix of career incentives, lifestyle perks, and professional opportunities. Its healthcare sector is flourishing too, ranking globally fifth best in the medical industry.

This guide will walk you through the straightforward process of registering as a nurse in Malta, finding employment there, and also outline the option to later migrate your career to the UK without needing English language tests. By following the steps below, you can kickstart a new chapter of your life and career in the beauty of Malta.

Registering as a Nurse in Malta

The first step is obtaining registration with Malta’s national regulatory body, the Council for Nurses and Midwives. Their application process is simple and designed for efficiency. Some key points:

– You must hold a valid nursing registration or license from your home country along with a minimum of one year post-qualification clinical experience.

– Common documents required include transcripts, certificates, passport, police clearance, proof of English language ability (IELTS or equivalent), plus recognition of your qualifications by the Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre (MQRIC).

– You can apply directly online through the Council’s nursing portal by creating a profile, uploading documents, and paying the application fee of €192.50. Processing times vary but are usually a few months.

– Applicants aged 45+ or with a study/work gap over 5 years may need to complete an approved bridging program through the University of Malta to update their skills and knowledge.

– Hourly pay averages around €20 with just 15% income tax – one reason Malta ranks so high for job satisfaction among nurses. Cost of living is also reasonable and crime rates are low.

Follow the step-by-step instructions on the Council’s comprehensive application guide available online. Ensure all documentation is properly verified and translated if needed. The process is mostly paperless now for quicker handling.

Bridging Programs for Non-EU Nurses

For nurses educated outside the EU, a mandatory bridging program through the University of Malta bridges any gaps between your home country training and Maltese standards.

Programs are available part-time over 6-12 months costing approximately €5,400 total. You can apply directly to the University once prerequisites are met.

Receiving the acceptance letter allows submitting your full nursing registration application to the Council in advance of completing the program. Successfully finishing the bridging course unlocks full practice rights in Malta.

 Job Hunting in Malta

With registration and licensing in hand, it’s time to kickstart your new career. Several excellent options exist for job hunting in Malta:

– LinkedIn is a top portal for Maltese employers actively recruiting nurses. Build a strong profile highlighting your credentials and experience.

– Sites like and also list many nursing vacancies. Employers may contact you directly.

– Consider global placement agencies experienced in Malta like Global Health Placement. They streamline the hiring process for employers and applicants.

– Connect with headhunters and staffing firms specializing in healthcare roles on the island. Make a good impression with professional correspondence.

Top hospitals and facilities continuously hiring include Mater Dei Hospital, St. James Hospital, Karin Grech Rehabilitation Hospital, and more. demonstrate enthusiasm, skills, and willingness to immerse yourself in Maltese nursing culture.

Relocating to the UK as a Maltese Nurse

For career advancement beyond Malta’s shores, migrating to the thriving UK healthcare system remains a popular option. As an EU country, the UK accepts Maltese nursing registration seamlessly.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council of the UK handles registration which is uncomplicated if arriving from Malta. No mandatory English exams are required thanks to Malta’s dual languages of English and Maltese in professional settings.

Key steps include confirming ongoing registration validity in Malta, providing employer references for clinical work done there, and completing the simple UK registration application showing adapted skills and knowledge for the National Health Service.

Job placement services in both countries can then help secure your dream UK nursing role. With the proper planning, regulatory ties between Malta and UK make relocating smoother than coming directly from outside Europe.



Explore starting fresh as a nurse abroad with a move to the beautiful, opportunity-rich island of Malta. Through diligent use of its accessible registration system and tapping local resources, migrating your career there sets you up for significant life and job satisfaction.

Malta also positions you well as a gateway for future mobility within Europe’s single market. Take the first step towards sunny days, rewarding work, and career fulfillment by migrating to Malta’s thriving healthcare industry. I hope this guide provides a helpful roadmap to assist your transition.


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